Geocache fever

Have you ever heard of Geocaching?

I stumbled on this sport many, many years ago and made an account to try and do it so long ago that I forgot all about it until just recently. 

Basically, people all over the world make hidden treasures in different places then ,they go online and log the gps coordinates so that other people can find the treasure. Ten years ago when I researched this sport, mobile phones weren’t as amazing as they are now and most people needed a real hand held gps to play. 

Thanks to advancements in technology all people of any age and physical ability can play and most likely there is a geocache right near you that you can try to find!

The basic premise is you go to the website and type in your home town (or wherever you want to see if it has a geocache) and see what comes up. It can show you difficulty, size and terrain conveniently on the cache page so you can see which one most suits you. Then, there is a brief description of the area or contents and finally if you need more help (or are playing with kids like me) there is a clue that needs deciphering.

After that you just get as close as you can to the area on the map, turn on your gps (or open the app) type in the caches gps coordinates, and you are off!

Living in China, I never expected to start doing this sport in Wuxi of all places! But I found that close by me were two caches with minimal difficulty that could be found by me and my daughter!

After you find the Cache you should make a note in the logbook inside and you can either add to and take from the cache or just find it and leave it. We added our items and took something from two caches these past two weekends.
Cache 1 was “GCC homeland” and was an easy find on a lovely warm spring day. As this was our very first cache together, we planned it around a lunch at a really great Indian restaurant in the same area. We found this cache easily!

Cache 2 was “Wuxi Bamboo” which was hidden in a secluded part of Wuxi ecological gardens which has beautiful sculpted gardens, lakes and fish ponds, and of course a bamboo forest!

In my opinion, Geocaching is a great way to spend time with my daughter, encourage creative thinking and problem solving and hopefully as she grows older we can travel all over the world looking for treasures together!

Have you ever been Geocaching before? What did you find?

What have you found while “treasure hunting?”

Lots of Love,  Christi.

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I have been living and working in China for over 6 years. In that time i have worked hard to build up an English training centre and raise a family. I have a son and a daughter who are half Chinese half Australian. I love crafting, researching and planning, and coffee. Lots of coffee!

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