Things I love about China #1

The seasons are clearly defined by what fruit you can go and pick. (and fruit is always in abundance)

Its coming in to blueberry season so I decided to pack a mini picnic and take Caryn on a little trip to see if we could find a farm. After a good search online, we got in a cab and went on trust alone to go and pick some blueberries. We got a bit lost but managed to find the blueberry farm owner who took us to the farm and let us eat what we wanted! It still isnt the right season yet, we were early by a week (It would usually be packed with people) but the boss let us eat our fill and take some home. 

After we had played in the blueberry farms for a while we were then escorted to the nearest bus stop to make our way home. Sometimes I forget how welcomeing and kind Chinese people can be in the countryside. He knew we would never be able to get a taxi so took us to a place we could!?

A wonderful memory was made in the blueberry fields of China!

Have you ever been fruit picking?

What fruit is currently in season where you are?